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Independent Dispatch Service 

You might be thinking, how can an independent dispatch service help my business? 


We understand that as an owner operator, you are not making money unless those wheels are turning. We also understand that you can dispatch yourself and there are many owner operators who dispatch themselves successfully. 


But, we also acknowledge that when driving, it can be difficult to take care of paperwork and network with brokers and shippers to get high paying dedicated freight. This is where we come in. Think of us as your office assistant! 


As an independent dispatching service we work for you, meaning we have your best interest at heart. This also means prior to even signing contracts, we have a great understanding of what your company consists of, your goals and lanes you want to run. Our team will work around the clock to ensure you are always loaded using all our resources. We promise to go above and beyond by networking on your behalf to get high-paying dedicated freight and maintaining great communication.





We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees. If we both agree that our service is what you need and that we can help you reach your goals with the equipment you have, you would fill out our carrier packet and sign our rate sheet. We do have a contract so that we are all protected and on the same page, but this contract does not restrict you to our dispatching service. We would never want our carriers to feel stuck and do not believe in ultimatums. 


We charge 10% of the linehaul to find loads on your behalf, take care of your paperwork, network on your behalf and create invoices to ensure you are paid promptly. 

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